Friday, November 25, 2011

My Thanksgiving Baby

My youngest turns 3 today.  Princess A is a spunky, funny and sweet little girl.  She came with some fire in her blood, so she can keep up with her older siblings.  She doesn't take much from anyone.  Here's a funny video from the other day.  I was in bed watching "Vanity Fair" and she came to tell me that Bubba was being a stinkerbutt.

We are so blessed to have this litte girl in our lives.  We all love her so very much.  She melts all of our hearts.

Two of our November Birthdays

Scary girl!


Debbie said...

I a happy girl! What a hoot! Man, I miss y'all! Can't believe she's 3 now...where o where has the time gone to??

Anonymous said...

SO CUTE!! Happy Birthday!


Anonymous said...



Nicole said...

thanks rush! happy birthday to you too! :)

Elena said...

Happy day to that cute girl. I remember reading about her being born. Time flies.:)

As for pie night. The theory is that by the time we are ready for Thanksgiving pie we are too full to enjoy it. So, Wednesday night is pie night where we have a few pies to just enjoy. Pie for dinner! Kids love it.:)