Sunday, December 11, 2011

2011 Christmas Letter

Here is our Christmas letter.  I highly doubt it will actually get printed and mailed.  It may get emailed, but that's a big IF. ;)   Enjoy!  :)

'Twas the night before Christmas
And to no one's surprise
Nothing was ready
Not a present in sight

So what shall be done
Instead of boring ol' shopping?
Why....writing a poem
That'll leave 'em all talking!

First off is Miss K.
She's our oldest and wisest.
She's eleven and growing
Sixth grade's finest!

She's playing the fiddle
And not even too squeaky.
She's smart, but the way
Her brain works is slight freaky.

Next we have Miss B.
The sweetest of sweet!
When it comes to story writing
She can't be beat!

She's still speaking Spanish
In the fourth grade.
With creativity bursting,
There's always something homemade.

Our only boy, G-dog
Is such a little man.
He's five and he amazes
With the strength of his hands.

He's getting ready for school,
Numbers and, of course, ABC's
His mouth's always moving.
Tons of questions...oh geez!

Last there's our baby.
Our sweet Princess A.
“Fwee” on her “burfday”
We all think she's great!

She talks up a storm
And never is quiet
With all the chatter in this home
You'd think there's a riot!

The hub is still working
Da Man pays the bills
Making sure everyone's paid
From making trash deals.

Lots of long hours
And dates with Excel
But he's here and not traveling
So for us, all is well.

Blue, purple and pink
Those are colors of hair
Nicole keeps 'em guessing
At least her head is not bare.

Still studying like crazy
With a fab 4 point 0.
She even quit Facebook!
Shocking! I know!

Our sweet, old dog
Passed away in her sleep.
Our new spotted dog
Likes herding kids and sheep.

It's been a great year
Some ups and some downs
But we are so blessed
With more smiles than frowns.

We pray that this finds you
Well and quite happy
May your Christmas & New Year's
Be joyful and snappy!


Debbie said...

Seriously Nicole, that is too clever and cute not to send out!! Love your creativity!! Miss y'all and totally wish we were closer. Sigh.

Lara said...

I love it! Glad I could finally see it since my email bounced it! Love ya!