Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Grandparent Gifts

This year for Christmas gifts for the grandparents, I was stumped.  I texted them all for ideas, and everyone wanted updated pics of the kids.  Dang it!  All I have is my
camera phone, but thankfully, I have an awesome friend who just happens to be a FABULOUS photographer.  She was kind enough to have a mini-session for us to get some pics.

I wanted to do something cute with the pics, so we decided to make magnets with them.  Simple enough, right???  WRONG!!!!  I was trying to be crafty and do the clear stone picture magnets like this:

But with the kids' pictures of course.  It was an epic fail.  In the 2 pound bag of "clear" stones I bought, about 10 stones were clear enough to actually see the picture underneath.  I used homemade Mod Podge to put the picture on the stones.  The ink on the pictures bled.  :/  I reprinted the pics on card stock and that helped stop the ink bleeding from the Mod Podge.  I went to attach magnets with E6000 glue.  The glue bled through the card stock and you saw a big gray blob on the picture.  What was to be a quick, relatively easy project turned into a HUGE frustration.

I gave up with the idea of using the stones and decided to just laminate the pictures and slap a magnet on the back of them.  WAY easier and faster.  I went to my local copy/print shop to use their laminator. Make sure to have all the pictures cut up first.  It will save a TON of time of having to do it at the shop. Then you place them about an inch or so apart in the laminating sheet.  Laminate and then cut them out.  You don't want to trim too close to the edge of the picture or you'll break the laminated seal.

Then with the E6000 craft glue (super strong), I glued the magnets on the back.  I used round magnets with a strong magnetivity.  (Is that a word?????)  That way they would actually work for holding stuff on the fridge and/or other metal surface of the grandparents' choosing.  I placed them on wire cookie racks to help the glue form a tight bond....the pull of the magnet to the metal rack did all the work for me.  We did a normal face and a silly face for each of the kids.  Here's how they turned out:

We also made aprons for the grandmas.  You can buy blank aprons at any craft store.  I let each kid pick out a color of acrylic paint.  It was easiest to lay them all out and do all of one hand of one kid on every apron and then all of the other hand.  We went from youngest to oldest.

I then stenciled (which I would NOT do again), "We (heart) Nana" or whatever that grandma is called at the top.  I used slick fabric paint to label each set of prints with their current age, and then added a "Christmas 2011" very small on the side edge of the apron.  They were a hit!


Debbie said...

Thanks for all the work to make the magnets, and the aprons! I LOVE mine! I got all sorts of complements on the apron at Christmas! And the pictures are where I can see them everytime I open the fridge!!
Love to all!!

Love Bigger than the World said...

Who did the pics? They're great!

Nicole said...

my friend melissa snapped them in her back yard really quick. she's a great photographer and bailed me out. ;)

Catherine said...

We featured this sweet apron on our Gifts for Grandparents post over at The Shopping Mama!
Love it and so will the baking grandmas in our lives!