Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Starting New Habits....the Good Kind

I am super behind on blogging.  I have several in the wings waiting, but for now, I'll get this one out there since it takes the least prep work (aka getting pics organized & edited).  So stay tuned for more.  Maybe today, maybe tomorrow.  ;)

Let's start with a few confessions.  I am a slob.  I am not neat.  I don't pick up after myself.  My house is usually in a state of chaos and clutter.  This is not from lack of training.  My mother taught me how to clean.  Maybe too well, as I use the excuse "If I can't do a deep, thorough clean, I won't do it at all."  Maybe I'm just really good at excuses.

I am very ADD and really struggle with where to begin in all the chaos.  It paralyzes me.  I've gotten better over the years.  Friends have taught me to find a starting spot, my go-to place when I have no idea where or how to start.  But I struggle with distractions.  I'll get lost in a box or closet for hours.  Or I'll do just a little bit everywhere, just small enough to not be noticeable.  Then frustration sets in.  I don't see results of my hard work.  I don't see the clean room that was my initial goal.  Duh Nicole!  If I could actually STAY in that room, I'd probably see the desired result.

For the most part of my "adult" life (I put that in quotations because I still don't feel like an adult), I've been okay with my disorganization.  I've excused it out the wahzoo.  I've ignored it.  I've justified it.  But I'm over that.  I'm done being slobby.  I'm tired of feeling overwhelmed and messy.  I'm ready to feel different.

After talking with my friend, Melissa (whose house is always visitor ready), and doing some research online, I think I have a plan that will work.  First off, I knew if anything was going to work, I had to make it a habit.  How long does it take to develop a good habit?  The old saying is 21-28 days of consecutively doing something.  I found an article that has found that that day count is closer to 66 days.  I'd love to believe the lower number, but let's face it....the 66 number is probably more realistic.  So that is my goal.  66 days of clean.

Now, I'm a very optimistic person, but I'm also a realist.  If I set my goal for a clean house for 66 days straight, I'm setting myself up for failure.  With the advice of Melissa, my goal is a clean kitchen for 66 days.  That is doable.  I started on December 30th.  It's been clean since then.  Four days down.  And it is spilling over into the other areas of the house.  The cleanliness, not the mess.  I've even found a list with quick checklists for each room.  I've made little cards for each room and posted them by the light switches in every room.

This way, if anyone else in the household is inspired by my cleaning, they can pitch in too!  (Yeah right!!!!)  You can find the lists here.  They are concise.  They are impactful.  I will notice a difference in a room if I do those short 3-5 things in each room.  They can be my go-to.   I can do this.  I WILL do this!  


Melissa said...

Haha well my house isn't always visitor ready, but it can quickly be. Once you get on top of it, maintainance is easy. I like those cards, great idea! I've got some habits I'm trying to form too and I think I agree with the 66 days opposed to the 30. It takes a lot of work to change, but you're not alone in anything you do!

Debbie said...

Yay for you! I LOVE the card idea! That is so clever! If your kitchen is clean, it's so much easier to get the basics done. If it's a mess, it's so easy to throw up your hands and give up! Keep up the good work! Love you! Mom

Anonymous said...

I love that idea! I just might have to try it. I love the progress sister! Keep it up. Love you and love your updates.


Elena said...

Sigh. I lack the motivation to make the cards. Step 1 - sabotaged. Looks like steps 2 and so forth aren't going to work either.;)

Beka said...

Thank you for sharing!! I've been decluttering and will make me some cards to help keep it up!!