Friday, February 3, 2012

An Amazing Triology

For those that know me, know that when I fall in love with a book or series, I tend to be slightly obsessed.  Harry Potter and Twilight are some prime examples.  The Hunger Game trilogy by Suzanne Collins has been added to my obsessed list.

I first read the books a couple years ago.  My friend, Beka, lent me her Kindle to read them.  So I fell in love with two things.  ;-)

The premise is odd.  I wasn't sure about them when I first heard about the plot line and even as I began reading.  A contest where teens are put into an arena to kill each other off....yeah.  Totally screwed up.  I know.  But Collins creates this world where it fits.  Her characters are wonderful.  The storyline is gripping.

I recently reread the series, and it had me sucked it worse than the first time.  I think it took me about 2 1/2 days to get through all three books.  Of course, nothing else got done.  ;-)  It made me understand why my 11 year old daughter has read the series 8 times through already.  It is just good storytelling.

Now it is a bit violent, like a PG-13 violent.  There is a love story too, for people like me that are suckers for that kind of thing.  If you do decide to pick up the first book, give it some time.  They aren't terribly long books (300-400 pages).  Just keep going and I promise, you'll have to keep reading.

I could go on and on about some of the characters, but I don't want to spoil it for any one who hasn't read them.  They have made the first book into a movie.  I hope it doesn't disappoint.  The trailer looks promising though.  Here are the two official trailers.  I can't wait for the March 23rd midnight premier!!!  :)

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PS - Sorry about my scarce blogging.  I just haven't been feeling it or had much time.  ;)


Debbie said...

When I saw the trailer sometime before Christmas, I thought it was time for me to read those books. I'm on a reading frenzie so this looks like a series I could enjoy. I need to see if someone has them that I can borrow...I'm not buying books until I read the 12 I have from 2010 that I've yet to read. Sigh.

Debbie said...

OK, just had to let you know that Allison let me borrow her books. I just finished the first book...way better than I thought and I hope they don't make the movie too gory. I liked the book, but won't like the movie if it gets too graphic. I'll definitely be checking out reviews prior to going! Now on to the other 2 books!!

Beka said...

Some of the greatest things!! Kindles and The Hunger Games!! I'm about to loan it out again so another friend can read them!! Awesomeness!!