Monday, February 20, 2012

New Calling

A couple years ago, I served in our ward (our church congregations for you non-Mormons out there), in the Young Women's program.  I LOVED LOVED LOVED it!!!  I loved working with the teens!  I loved their energy and their testimonies.  It was the best calling I had ever had.  When it was time for me to move to serve in another area, I was so sad and upset.  I really struggled to find a reason to go to my weekly meetings.  It was really hard for me.

Over the past couple years, I continued to struggle with my activity and desire to be active in church.  Not because I wasn't working with the teens anymore, but getting released kind of tipped the scales so to speak for me.  I have fought through that and have come out on top though now.  I am in a good place again.  (You can read about that journey here).

On Sunday, I got a new calling.  I am back with my wonderful young women!!!!  I will be serving as the secretary in that organization.  I couldn't be happier!!!  It won't be as time-demanding as my previous job with them was (1st counselor), but I will still get to be with the girls.  The best of both worlds.


Debbie said...

Yay for you and those lucky Young Women! You'll be having a YW of your own in just a few more months!! I remember going into YW and introducing's when I first felt like I was old! Ah, little did I know!!
Love you!

Melissa said...