Monday, February 13, 2012

A quick kid-brag

I just wanted to take a quick post and brag about my kids for a second.  First off, my oldest daughter, K, is in sixth grade this year.  She's a very bright young lady and loves learning.  This past week, she tested out of her 6th grade honors math class and moved up to the 7th grade honors math class.  This will put her a year ahead in math for the rest of her middle and high school career.  I'm so proud of her!

Princess A, my youngest daughter, is finally potty trained.  She's been my most stubborn child at potty training.  I had tried every trick in the book with no luck.  I had finally had enough and told her no more diapers!  You are wearing panties!!!!  That was 3-4 weeks ago.  She's been doing pretty well.  She will still have little leaks here and there, but at least the diapers are gone during the day.  She still has them at night, but that's not a top priority for me.

Miss B, my 9 year old is writing like crazy.  She is fantastic!  I think she has about 3-4 books in the works.  She is also loving her piano lessons and excelling at them.

G-man is great!  He is getting so big!  I can't believe he starts kindergarten next year.  I think it will be great for him.  He gets bored with me all day.  ;)


Anonymous said...

Dang, I have amazing nieces and a super awesome nephew. It must be the influence of their amazing Auntie Allison.....OR you guys are just awesome all on your own...who knows. =P Tell all of the kids "Way to go!" and give them all hugs for me.

Debbie said...

I'm glad you did a post on those amazing grandkids of mine! Yay for K in her math abilities...they will serve her well in this crazy world! And she'll be the cutest girl in her classes!
I need to write to Miss B...maybe she will write to me as well...I'll get on that before I forget!
I had no idea that A wasn't potty trained yet...what a stubborn girl. Can't imagine where that trait comes from! Yay for both you and her!!
And G is going to kindergarden...I was thinking about him the other day. Time has flown by. He will probably be promoted to 1st grade the 1st 6 weeks he's in school. He's so bright...look out!
Miss y'all so much!
Love, Mom