Monday, February 27, 2012

We're Staying

We've lived in our home for 10 years.  This was supposed to be our starter home, but it looks like it will just be our home.  Period.  So I guess I need to accept that and make it the best I can.  Don't get me wrong....I'm very grateful for my home and really do love it.  I just have never put a ton of effort into making it feel homey.  I'm not a decorator by any interpretation of that word.  I am clueless when it comes to room design and layouts.  And with raising kids over the past 10 years, it hasn't been a big priority.  Let's face it...if I have one picked up and clean room in the house at any given time, I'm doing GREAT!!!

Our home isn't big.  It's about 1785 sq ft.  It only has 3 bedrooms, but the living areas are sufficient for the most part.  I know that a lot of people live in a lot smalled space, so I know it's doable.  We have just accumulated WAY too much stuff over the years.  And some of it needs to go!  And what stays need to find a better way to be stored.

I am finally figuring out what organization systems (if you can call them that) work for our family and our space.  I got this piece at IKEA maybe a year ago.  It has been awesome!!!  Each kid has their own backet for shoes and stuff as well as a cubby to put their bags or other items.  It's a great way to dump (we are total dumpers) and hide.  So I will probably be getting a few more of these in various sizes for other rooms.  I like that it's not too deep and you can put almost anything in the baskets, and the space will still look neat.

We have a room in the front of our house.  I think it's supposed to be a formal dining room, but really...who uses those????  I don't have the extra space to let that area go to waste, only being used a couple times a year.  So it has been our living room, a play room, and a fish room.  We had a HUGE 175 gallon salt water aquarium in there.  While filling up the tank a year and a half ago (or so), Matt got distracted bathing the kids, and it flooded.  And of course, it was our only room downstairs that had carpet.  So we ripped up the carpet because fish water and old carpet aren't the best of friends for the nose.  The room ended up being a dumping ground (again, we are dumpers) of sorts.  It had my big upright freezer in there, my elliptical, an oversized chair and ottoman.  Not a very functioning space.  We got some carpet and laid that down a couple weekends ago.  Then this weekend I painted.  What a transformation!!!  This room has hope now!  It has potential!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the color.  It goes well with the new carpet.  My vision (if you can call it that) for this room is a study space for the kids and an exercising space for me.  I'll get a desk or two for some computers for the kids from IKEA.  I still need to paint the french doors and trim, but it is coming together.  I'm excited to start using this space in a better way.

I still have a big list of projects to get my tush moving on, but I will have to pace myself.  Projects take money and time after all.  ;)


Debbie said...

Love the storage baskets! And the color in that room looks so good! Yay for you and getting things where you like them! Hard, steady work can pay off with good dividends!!
Love, Mom

Sacred Emotions Photography said...

Ur doing awesome, the room looks great!! And thank goodness for Ikea, I just bought tons of stuff for my office and LOVE it!!

Elena said...

I have a dumping room, too. Unfortunately it's also the guest room so I have to clean it every time my parents come. I guess that's fortunately.:)

The park is awesome. It doesn't have a ton of grass but there is a pavilion. I don't know how much it is to rent it. It may be worth it to just go, let the kids play and brave the crowds. If it doesn't work out, there are lots of parks in our city.

Love Bigger than the World said...

We have that same shelf/cubbie. We use it as our shoe and stuff cubbie in our laundry room. We bought it in the shelaced gray color. I'm sure you can imagine that we have shoes galore. And the big kids (mens size 13) shoes hardly fit into a normal shoe cubbie. So when I saw this, it was PERFECT! You're doing great Nicole!

Wendy L. - Outer said...

Shoot I love picking out colors and flooring for rooms. If you ever need direction I will happily lend my opinion. ;-b

I chose the colors, flooring and the furniture for our living room. I am not sure if you remember it? I love the way it turned out! The only problem I have now is I can't lay out the furniture the way I want to AND give the kids rooms to run so it the furniture will probably stay lined up against the walls for a couple of years.