Monday, March 19, 2012

A Fail

I have several posts in my head that I need to find the time to get up, but it ain't happening today.  So I just wanted to do a quick post so my mom knows I'm still alive.  ;)

For those that don't know, I went back to school about a year and a half ago in hopes of getting into the dental hygiene program at our local college.  I only completed a year and a half before I got married and dropped out to put my husband through school, and that was several years ago.  So it was a little scary to go back.  Would my brain still work?  Would I be able to find the time?   Would I be the oldest person there?

I took a leap and did it.  It was such a great thing!  My brain did work...and well! **cough** 4.0 **cough**  I found the time.  And I wasn't the oldest one in any of my classes!  Woohoo!!!  It has been so validating and confidence building.  It has made me feel like an actual person and not just a mom.  (Don't get me wrong....I ADORE being a mother, but come gets a little mundane and repetitive day in and day out).  It's amazing how much you can learn and how well you can do when you aren't distracted by boys or a social life.  ;)

I finally completed all my prerequisites for the dental hygiene and was able to apply for the program in January.  It's a very difficult program to get into.  They only take 15 students a YEAR.  I knew the odds were stacked against me, but I was going to go for it anyways.  I had all A's except 2 B's from my right-out-of-high-school days.  The score for the application is a 3 part score worth 4 points group of classes, another group of classes, and a health/science reasoning test.  A perfect everything gives you 12 points.  I went into the test with a score of 6. something.  Not ideal, but doable if I could do well on the HSRT.  Of course....I bombed the test.  :/  My application went in with an 8. something score.  Dang it!  But I submitted it anyways.

Last week I got the letter.  I didn't get in.  I didn't expect to get in.  The cut off to get into the interview process was a 9.7.  Ouch.

My current plan of attack is to retake the English and psychology classes that are my 2 B's (dang you!) and get A's to pad that score.  That way I can go into the HSRT with a score of 8.  I'm searching like crazy for test prep books or anything for this dang test, but am coming up nil.  I have until next January to get my ducks in a row, then I will reapply.  (Yeah...only once a year application period.  Ugh.)  I'll keep taking core classes for a Bachelor's degree in Texas, so if my plans don't work out, I'll have those taken care of to get a degree in something.  What???  I have no idea at this point.  We shall see what the big guy upstairs has in store for me.  ;)

Friday, March 9, 2012

A Small Discovery

I live in a humid, icky climate.  Mosquito paradise in other words.  We usually go through gallons (and I am NOT exaggerating) of Off! repellent a year.

We had a crazy, huge drought last year, and as a great benefit, the mosquitos were very minimal.  We just had one of our rainest months on record in February and the little buggers are back with a vengeance!
You walk out and they are swarming!  It's ridiculous.  The kids are getting eaten alive!  We are going through tubes of benadryl and cortizone 10.

But one thing I noticed a couple days ago that I had only had 1 bite.  Wow!  Then I remembered reading about how vitamin B can lower your attractiveness to mosquitos.  I had started taking biotin supplements (a B vitamin) a couple months ago for my hair and nails.  I take 5000 mcg a day.  I think that must be the trick!  I normally get eaten alive!

So take some biotin.  Your hair and nails will be fabulous and the mosquitos won't find you as tempting.  :)

Monday, March 5, 2012

"I want it for my burfday!"

This is Princess A's new catch phrase.  Every single commercial break, she shouts "I want that for my burfday, Mommy!!!" at the top of her lungs, proceeding to tell me what kind as well.  It was cute at first.  Now I dread it.  But let's face it....she's still crazy cute.  ;)