Friday, March 9, 2012

A Small Discovery

I live in a humid, icky climate.  Mosquito paradise in other words.  We usually go through gallons (and I am NOT exaggerating) of Off! repellent a year.

We had a crazy, huge drought last year, and as a great benefit, the mosquitos were very minimal.  We just had one of our rainest months on record in February and the little buggers are back with a vengeance!
You walk out and they are swarming!  It's ridiculous.  The kids are getting eaten alive!  We are going through tubes of benadryl and cortizone 10.

But one thing I noticed a couple days ago that I had only had 1 bite.  Wow!  Then I remembered reading about how vitamin B can lower your attractiveness to mosquitos.  I had started taking biotin supplements (a B vitamin) a couple months ago for my hair and nails.  I take 5000 mcg a day.  I think that must be the trick!  I normally get eaten alive!

So take some biotin.  Your hair and nails will be fabulous and the mosquitos won't find you as tempting.  :)


Anonymous said...

Also they say coconut oil will naturally keep them at bay too. will be trying this with my mosquito bait daughter.

Stesha said...

Tomorrow I'm going Walgreens to purchase some Biotin. I've read several posts that recommend it for hair growth and strong nails. Now that I know it can repel mosquitos that's an added bonus.

Hugs and Mocha,