Monday, April 2, 2012

Hunger Games Premier

Oh, how I LOVE midnight premiers!!!!  I love the energy and spirit that comes along with them.  So much more of an experience than just going to the movie.

Since K has read the series 8 times, I figured she earned her right to come.  I was a little nervous with the violence factor in the books, but the movie did a wonderful job being true to the books, but not making it gory or dwelling on the violence.

We made our own shirts.  One part was because I kept forgetting to order them off line until it was too late and the other was the shirts I found were crazy expensive!

So we opted for the custom iron-on approach.  You can buy a little kit at Hobby Lobby (or any craft the fabric dept), and then you find the picture you want to print.  They have kits for light and dark fabric, so pick the right one for you.  We found this image online listed as a HD wallpaper.  That way when it printed, it wouldn't be grainy or anything.   You just print the desired picture on the special paper in the kit.  You let it dry for 30 minutes.  You then pull off the vinyl-type image, place it on the fabric, cover it with the special parchment paper and iron it on.  It was that easy!

I got to go with a couple of my midnight premier buddies.  Jen and I actually met at the first Twilight premier.  She is freakin' awesome!!!!

And here's Angel and I.  We are actually in the same stake (church), but had never met until a friend brought her to another midnight premier.  Was it Harry Potter, Angel?  I can't remember.  Angel is super sweet and so fun!  And thanks to K for making sure we had our bunny ears.

It was a great night!  We ended up with a bunch of teens from church with us as well.  We had a blast throwing things across the theater and shouting random things as we were waiting.

As for the was AWESOME!!!!  Like I said earlier, the movie makers did a great job!  They stayed true to the book and the feel of the book without getting overly violent or gory.  The worst parts were at the cornucopia when the games first start.  They kept it tolerable by doing very quick flashes of what was happening, so you knew what was happening, but there was no dwelling on the gore.

The other gross part was when they show Glimmer's body after being attacked by the tracker jackers.  It still wasn't as icky looking as Collins described in the book, but it's not pretty to look at.

The beginning of the movie, like maybe the first 15-20 minutes, is filmed with a hand camera, and so it is VERY shaky.  They are trying to show the distress and chaos that is going on, but I had to look away from the screen a couple times because it was making me nauseated.  Thankfully, it seemed to calm down the further you got into the movie.

The best thing about the movie for me was seeing what Katniss couldn't and didn't see in the books....President Snow's anxiety over her and her actions.  I am so happy that the filmmakers showed that!  They depicted the unrest in District 11 and hinted at what might happen.

The scenery was awesome!!!  I loved seeing the Capital, District 12 and the Arena.  And it was so fun seeing all the Capital residents!  I can't wait for Catching Fire to come out!!!

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