Sunday, April 22, 2012

Medicine in Nature

I've had my essential oils for about 2 weeks.  I've been trying them on anything and everything!  The results have been awesome!  Not only have I been able to help my family and myself naturally, I have noticed I haven't been as fatigued as I normally am, and that's not even using any of the products for that specific purpose!  

Here are a few things that I have been able to help in my own family:

  • 2 UTI (urinary tract infections) in my daughters with a protective blend
  • Suspected food poisoning with oregano oil
  • Stopped itching from numerous insect bites and a couple rashes with lavender
  • Relieve sore back and muscles using a soothing blend
  • Lowered a fever with lavender and peppermint
  • Treated several headaches with peppermint & a soothing blend
  • Easy an upset stomach & gas with a digestive blend
  • Treated seasonal allergies with peppermint
  • Cleared up redness and acne blemishes with lavender, frankincense & melaluca
  • Eased a cough with a respiratory blend
  • Treated warts with oregano
What I would have normally grabbed an ointment or pill for, I was able to use all-natural essential oils to treat my family.  NO SYNTHETIC CHEMICALS!!!!  YAY!!!!  

I am loving being able to share these oils with my friends and family.  I have had so many people come to me with issues, and I've been able to give them oils to help them.  I love helping others!  I'd love to help you and teach you how you can use essential oils to heal yourself and your family!  Let's set up a class today!

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