Sunday, April 1, 2012


 We live in Texas.  And the rodeo is a HUGE deal here.  It's a 3 week long event.  We've missed going the past couple years, but made up for it by going a couple times this year.

Our first trip was with a preschool group with just the two youngest and me. We didn't go to the show in the big stadium, but did all the livestock and grounds attractions.  Here's Princess A and I waiting for mutton bustin' to start.  If you have no idea what mutton bustin' are missing out!!!  We tried SO hard to get G-man to do it, but he chickened out 3 times, but promised he'd do it next year.  I sure hope he does!  Here's a video of the winning ride for the time we saw:

 They had some huge tractors that the kids could climb in.  They both loved it!

They had a pretend farm where the kids got to do jobs on the farm and then sell what they had harvested for a money, and then they could buy a treat with that money.  It was a favorite with my little two!

They had a really cool birthing center where several new born animals, including calves, lambs, and piglets were there.  The baby animals were adorable!!!

G-man LOVED the longhorns!!!  Heck, he loved the entire rodeo!!!  He is still obsessed, watching bull riding on YouTube on a daily basis, and attempting to ride the poor dog as a bull.
The first time we went, we went with some friends.  Lo Man is hilarious and was always hamming it up!  They had chicks from egg to chickens in the educational kids area.  So cool!

 We got to ride the train to the rodeo when we went as a family.  The kids thought it was pretty cool.
Here are the kids with one of the Mutton Bustin' rodeo clowns.  B really wanted her picture taken with them.  Too cute!
Here's another longhorn pic.  Can you tell who is too cool for pictures for mom now?  Little miss attitude!

 Yep, there's the attitude again!  Good thing she's so stinkin' cute!  This is at the pretend farm.  The line was INSANE when we went as a family.  But that was our fault....we went on the discount family day DURING spring break.  Yep, we were part of some record-breaking crowds.  It was NUTS!!!
 With the discount family day, we got nose-bleed seats for the rodeo/concert part.  We were WAY up high, but thankfully, there's not a bad seat in the house.

G-man was SO excited to see the bull riding and bare back riding.  The kids LOVED it!!!

They have a HUGE carnival on the grounds.  We didn't participate, but it sure looked cool at night!

I got to go see Train with a couple of my friends.  We had some awesome seats!!!  Thanks for hooking us up Regina!!  And Train did not disappoint!  They put on an amazing show! And it was super-cool to see the rodeo events so close up!

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Debbie said...

Oh I miss the Rodeo!! Every time I hear Brooks and Dunn, it brings back rodeo memories!
I think, looking at your pictures, that the Houston rodeo, has a LOT more things for the kids than the SA rodeo. All I remember is going through the livestock barns and the petting glad they had a good time. I think it would be a hoot to see your son bust a sheep!!