Monday, April 23, 2012

A Slight Obsession

Since visiting the rodeo last month, my son has become slightly obsessed with all things rodeo and cowboy related.  He's trying to ride the dog like she's a bull.  He will ride his big sisters like a bull.  They are putting on "Rodeo Shows" several times a day.  It's cute and all, but this mama is tried of going to show after show after show.  He will sit and watch bull riding, mutton bustin' and bare back riding on youtube.  When offering food, he asks, "Does a cowboy eat that?"

And when his daddy found a cowboy hat in the closet and gave it to him, it only has fanned the flames.  This city gal is not ready for this much of a country boy!  I guess I'll have to learn.  ;)

Here are a couple video samples of the "shows" I get SEVERAL times a day.  :/

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Debbie said...

He's so stinking cute!!