Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Surprising, I Know

We are still alive and ticking.  We've had a super fun summer, including a month-long vacation to Utah to see my family.  It was amazing!  I have a gazillion pictures and stories that I should probably record somehow.  We will see if that actually happens.  I at least got the pics uploaded to facebook.

The kids started school on Monday...all but one are in school now.  Woohoo!!!  K is in 7th grade (2nd year of middle school), B is in 5th grade, and G-man started Kindergarten.  Princess A is loving being the only one at home, and so am I!

I have been sharing my essential oils like crazy and helping a bunch of people find a better way to live!  I love it so much!!!  I am now off all over-the-counter and prescription medication thanks to these amazing essential oils, as well as my kids!  I've been able to take care of several issues that in the past, I would have had to gone to the doctor for.  Finding these oils have been SO empowering!!!  I feel in control and not helpless.  It's a great feeling!

I have also started another semester of school.  English and psychology for this semester.  Both are online and repeats.....gotta get A's to replace the B's I had from Texas A&M right out of high school.  Then it will be time to reapply for the dental hygiene program.  If I don't get in this time, I'm considering nursing or possibly a Bachelor's in complimentary medicine.  We shall see where these next few months lead me.

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Debbie said...

So glad y'all were able to come! It was such a blessing to get to spend time with you and the kids, to see them on a day to day basis. Hope the visit to Utah can become a tradition! We would totally love it!

The oils are wonderful although I don't have all the success you are achieving with them, I do know they are helping me.